Dr Abdelgawad, MD, MBA
Dr Abdelgawad, MD, MBA

Foot and ankle:

Dr Abdelgawad does complicated foot and ankle cases including:

1) Adult cavus foot.

2) Adult acquired flat foot deformity

3) Charcot deformity of the foot (both by internal fixation and ring fixator)

4) Ankle and foot arthritis. Dr Abdelgawad can offer ankle fusion, ankle distraction and ankle arthroplasy. 

5) Trauma to the ankle and foot (including Pilon fractures, intra articular fracture, calcaneus fracture, Lisfranc injury, and many other).

6) Tendon injuries

7) Persistant plantar fasciitis

8) Brachymetatarsia (short toe). Dr Abdelgawad perform the lengthening surgery.

Dr Abdelgawad is expert in correction of foot and ankle defromities. You may be experiencing flatfoot deformity that was not present before (adult aquired flat foot deformity) or (posterior tibial tendon dysfunction). Dr Abdelgawad can is expert in these conditions and other foot deformities



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Dr Amr Atef Abdelgawad