Dr Abdelgawad, MD, MBA
Dr Abdelgawad, MD, MBA


In Brooklyn Center for Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction (BCLLR), Dr Abdelgawad performs bone lenghening surgeries for conditions like:

1) Congenital limb length discrepancy

•Femoral deficiency

•Fibular hemimelia
•Coxa vara
•Tibial hemimelia 
•Psuedarthrosis of tibia
•Hemi Hypertrophy

2) Infections:


3) Trauma:

•Fracture shortening
•Damage to the growth plate

4) Tumors:

•MHE (Multiple Hereditary exostosis)
Dr Abdelgawad was trained  with the 2 world leaders in Limb Lengthening and reconstrucion (Dr Herzenberg and Dr Paley) in Baltimore in Sinai Hospital. Dr Abdelgawad did years of studies new techniques for limb lengthening and he carries the patent of the internal plate lengthener.




Dr Abdelgawad uses state of art techniques in management of limb lengthening.

This video will give you up date on limb lengthening



If you have a question or interested in having surgery for limb lengthening and reconstruction, contact Dr Abdelgawad on BCLLR@amrabdelgawad.com

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Dr Amr Atef Abdelgawad