Dr Abdelgawad, MD, MBA
Dr Abdelgawad, MD, MBA


In Brooklyn Center for Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction (BCLLR), Dr Abdelgawad performs bone lenghening surgeries for conditions like:

1) Congenital limb length discrepancy

•Femoral deficiency

•Fibular hemimelia
•Coxa vara
•Tibial hemimelia 
•Psuedarthrosis of tibia
•Hemi Hypertrophy

2) Infections:


3) Trauma:

•Fracture shortening
•Damage to the growth plate

4) Tumors:

•MHE (Multiple Hereditary exostosis)
Dr Abdelgawad was trained  with the 2 world leaders in Limb Lengthening and reconstrucion (Dr Herzenberg and Dr Paley) in Baltimore in Sinai Hospital. Dr Abdelgawad did years of studies new techniques for limb lengthening and he carries the patent of the internal plate lengthener.




Dr Abdelgawad uses state of art techniques in management of limb lengthening.

This video will give you up date on limb lengthening



In Brooklyn Center for Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction (BCLLR), Dr Abdelgawad treats the difficult cases that are usually not treated by other orthopedic surgeon. 

Some of the patients who were advised to get amputation due to infections or congenital deformities were treated by Dr Abdelgawad and had very good results



There are lots of difficult cases that needs special abilities that I treat very confidently.



  • Cases of limb length discrepancy (like fibular hemimelia, tibial hemimelia, proximal focal femoral deficiency, congenital femoral deficiency, post traumatic and post infectious shortening)
  • Cases of adolescent hip pain (hip impingement, surgical dislocation of the hip, hip dysplasia). I can perform hip osteotomies like Ganz osteotomy, periacetabular osteotomy,
  • Cerebral Pasly associated conditions.
  • Spinal deformities.
  • Non union of fracture and bone infection: because Dr Abdelgawad is expert in application of external fixator, he is capable in addressing the very tough cases that other orthopedic surgeons do not want to deal with. If you have a non union of bone or bone infection and other orthopedic surgeons do not want to perform surgeries on you, Dr Abdelgawad will be there to help you regain your function.
  • Dr Abdelgawad is an expert in managing congenital anomalies of the extremities (both upper and lower). Children with very complex deformities (Radial club hand, cleft foot, hemimelia, tibial and fibular, proximal femoral deficiency) all be can be treated by Dr Abdelgawad.
  • Dr Abdelgawad is one of the world expert in treatment of clubfoot by the Ponseti method, his article about this treatment had been cited in more than 5 languages by more than 60 people.
  • Dr Abdelgawad pediatric orthopedic, orthopedic trauma and foot and ankle patients can be seen in his office in Brooklyn
  • Adolescent hip pain.
  • Cases of ankle arthritis. Dr Abdelgawad can provide all surgical treatment options for the ankle arthritis. He can perform ankle arthroplasty, ankle distraction and ankle fusion depending on your condition. Only very few surgeons in the world who can do that. Here in New York, if you have ankle arthritis, you have to come to see Dr Abdelgawad.
  • Erb's Palsy shoulder reconstruction (both tendon transfer and bone surgeries) 
  • Post traumatic shortening. Dr Abdelgawad can treat the shortening that happens after fractures.
  • Congenital Pseudo arthorosis of the tibia. This is very tough condition. Dr Abdelgawad is expert in this condition.


If you have a question or interested in having surgery for limb lengthening and reconstruction, contact Dr Abdelgawad on BCLLR@amrabdelgawad.com

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