Dr Abdelgawad, MD, MBA
Dr Abdelgawad, MD, MBA
Dr Abdelgawad has a dedicated cerebral palsy clinic in which patients with cerebral palsy can get unique quality care. In this clinic, physical therapy will also assess the patients.

Dr Abdelgawad has a tramendous experience in managing kids with special needs and cerebral palsy patients. He has special training in management of spasticity.

Dr Abdelgawad is the only surgeon with memebership in American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine in El Paso. He is the only member is this organization in west Texas and East New Mexico.

Social workers also help taking care of these patients with their multiple needs of braces and devices.

Please call 915-545-8888 to schedule an appointment

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Dr Amr Atef Abdelgawad