Dr Abdelgawad, MD, MBA
Dr Abdelgawad, MD, MBA

Brooklyn Center for Limb Lengthening and reconstruction iis capable of treating cases that needs bone lengthening.


If your child has a problem with limb length discrepancy, Dr Abdelgawad can find the best treatment option for him. He has sub specialized in limb lengthening and reconstruction fro Baltimore, MD. He had lengthened short limbs in many children with great results.

You can schedule a clinic date and Dr Abdelgawad will discuss with you more of your options

Dr Abdelgawad is an expert in limb lengthening and reconstruction. He had a complete one year fellowship of training in this very sophisticated and complicated sub speciality.

Dr Abdelgawad had lengthened many patients with different diagnoses (achondroplasia, post trauamtic LLD, post infectionous LLD)

If you have any question about LLD, contact Dr Abdelgawad at BCLLR@amrabdelgawad.com

One of the cases of Dr Abdelgawad who had achondroplasia and was lengthened was in the local news multiple times (please refer to newspaper interviews to read that article)

Dr Abdelgawad is an expert in doing lengthening of patients with achondroplasia and other dysplasia with short statures. His rate of complications in these cases in minimal. His patients and their parents are very satisfied.

Dr Abdelgawad uses the internal lengthener of the bone (intra medullary lengthening) which allows the patient to avoid the discomfort of the external fixator. He is the only surgeon in El Paso who had used this device so far

You can read in this link what one of Dr Abdelgawad wrote about him:



also you can watch this video about achondroplasia




one of Dr Abdelgawad achondroplasia patients
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Nov 9th, 2011

I cannot stress how much I appreciate Dr Abdelgawad, he is my daughter's dr and she endured a lengthening almost two years ago. He saved us from having this surgery in Dallas and he has been a God send to my daughter. His knowledge and mannerism is top notch...nothing compares to his compassion and his wisdom when it comes to limb length discepencies. I do not doubt that his best interest is that of the patient. He is so dedicated and concerned with the whole process of lengthening that he even gave me his cell number in case I needed to reach him...day or night. His nurse Rona did the same, this act in itself shows his dedication and concern for the patient. I cannot express my graditude enough to Dr A he is making my daughter's quality of life much better and I can never Thank him enough.

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